Beer [noun]

Definition of Beer:

alcoholic beverage made from malted grain

Synonyms of Beer:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beer:


Sentence/Example of Beer:

It’s been almost four years since Uber shipped 50,000 cans of beer across Colorado in a self-driving truck.

Not beer, not the sun,corona is a virus,not a friend, not fun.

Imagine that you are the young urban professional posted up at the craft beer courtyard, and that it is your son holding a red balloon by a water fountain.

Under the proposed plan, the bartender would collect all their money at the door and top off the patron’s beers.

In 2016, an 18-wheeler jam-packed with cans of Budweiser made a beer run from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs—with no driver at the wheel.

When used to brew beer, for instance, it thrives without oxygen.

In Tiefurt we partook of a magnificent collation consisting of a mug of beer, brown bread and sausage!

A cricket-match was in progress, but the bowling and batting were extremely wild, thanks to The Warren strong beer.

Beans and bacon, cabbage and brown hard dumplings, formed the bill of fare, which the men washed down with plenty of table beer.

“Out of sight,” comes the general verdict from the crowd, and bang go a dozen beer glasses in unison on the heavy table.