Bees [noun]

Definition of Bees:

honey-making, stinging insect

Synonyms of Bees:

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Sentence/Example of Bees:

Experts suggest that at best, a workplace with no interaction between siloed groups—creative with finance, for example—can make people feel more like worker bees.

Then the team estimated what percentage of the yield native bees were adding — versus just doing what honeybees would have done anyway.

On hot days, for instance, it releases higher levels of thymol — amounts that might harm bees.

In such mass attacks, hornets bite the heads off adult bees.

Worker ants and bees can be nonreproductive members of social-colony “superorganisms.”

These bees were more likely to poke holes in foliage than a bee group buzzing among plants with plentiful flowers.

However, she cautions, not all bees exposed to pesticide get a dose as large as the ones in this study.

About an hour after resuming their walk, the major went off in hot pursuit of an enormous bee, which he saw humming round a bush.

But like the bee, while impelled by an instinct that makes it search for sugar, it sucks in therewith its solid sustenance.

I am not quite certain that the bee does exactly do this; but it is just the kind of thing that the bee is likely to do.