Beeswaxes [noun]

Definition of Beeswaxes:

personal concern

Synonyms of Beeswaxes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beeswaxes:

Sentence/Example of Beeswaxes:

First melt the beeswax and rosin, being careful not to have the fire too hot.

The night of the debate arrived, but before the debate was commenced Sir Timothy Beeswax got up to make a personal explanation.

Cover the portion of metal you wish to write upon with melted beeswax and allow it to cool.

Write the inscription plainly with any sharp-pointed instrument through the beeswax to the metal.

At night, as a light for their dwellings they use torches made from palm-wood dipped in oil and beeswax.

If they are put away for a long time, it is well to give them a thin coating of beeswax.

Place the iron-stand at the right-hand end of the board, and with it a paper, a cloth and a piece of beeswax.

I know every fake from a Patagonian cockatoo up to and including the ghost of Bill Beeswax.

Eggs may be kept a long time by covering them with beeswax dissolved in warm olive or cotton-seed oil.

And you, what a falling off, since you came to me from the dealer's, gleaming and polished and smelling so good with your beeswax!