Beet [noun]

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If he prefer using mangold for beet, he is quite at liberty to do so, and I believe on sufficiently good authority.

Mangold is here, then, a generic term, standing for other plants equally with the beet.

The name of the field beet is, in the language of the unlearned, mangel-wurzel, "the root of poverty."

Beet, however, takes it in the technical sense: justification by faith is the preacher's sword and shield.

The sound was close by, and yet it did not come from the cabin boy, for he was all doubled up laughing, his face as red as a beet.

There are many kinds of sugar, found in the sugar-cane and the beet, and in all fruits.

Garry reddened like a beet, and thought he was being joshed, but seeing Phil was serious, they voted it to be so.

The Red Beet, as well as the Mangel-wurzel, we owe to this humble seaside plant.

Walnuts, olives, oranges, beet-sugar and beans are the notable features of orchard and field in the region about San Buenaventura.

In an apple-tree a thrush was singing; the gooseberries were overripe; beet-roots were flowering everywhere.