Beetled [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Beetled:

We travelled for some distance along a ridge, until we had reached its highest point, where the cliff beetled over.

The driver of the car was a powerful fellow with beetled brows and scowling face.

In a deep rocker before them sat a heavy-set man whose piercing black eyes beetled forth from under bushy eyebrows.

In this case the roof sloped nearly to the ground on one side, while on the other it beetled over a vine-clad piazza.

Cliffs beetled round about it and the summer waves broke idly below and strung the land with a necklace of pearl.

And with these heartless words she beetled off, leaving me a prey to the gloomiest emotions.

Fort Morro, to the left, beetled over the waves like some sombre and impregnable defence of the Middle Ages.

But above the hollow the upper precipices beetled out and rose sheer, on up the dizzy heights to the verge of the chasm.

Sometimes, as they journeyed, the red bluffs beetled up above them, tall and frowning.

He therefore clung to this wretched life, as to the edge of a precipice that beetled over the gulph of perdition.