Beetles [noun]

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Even the air has its strange denizens in the guise of huge beetles and vampire-winged flying foxes.

Negroes also appear to have produced the same amount of fear in the little girl as the black beetles.

Father Oriole, you see, was more interested in getting fat beetles and caterpillars for food.

Besides the men on the beetles there are men packed like herrings upon the decks of the destroyers.

Thanks, I dined on the way up—in a twilit refreshment-room, with one waiter and a number of attendant black-beetles.

He belongs to the scarabæus, or dung-beetles, and big fellows they are; this one would just about cover the palm of your hand.

Among the beetles which are found in gardens is the potato beetle, which destroys the potato plant.

Adelaide, you little barbarian, you shall be put in a dark cellar with the rats and black beetles.

“Mr Denham collects butterflies and beetles, and all sorts of things,” struck in Mrs Shelford.

In this method, trees are girdled with an ax and thereby weakened to such a degree that beetles are attracted to it.