Beetling [adjective]

Definition of Beetling:

sticking out; conspicuous

Opposite/Antonyms of Beetling:

Sentence/Example of Beetling:

Mr. Royall stood in the middle of the office, his thick eyebrows beetling, his lower jaw trembling a little.

Overhead loomed the beetling walls of the palace from which the prince had led his people in revolt—manned now by the Jivros.

The superciliary ridges often project and give the beetling brow that is sometimes so remarkable.

A beetling machine of the kind, with four sets of “fallers,” is shown in Fig. 3.

They are then damped on a water mangle, and beamed on to the heavy iron bowl of the beetling machine.

On what a "beetling ledge" the favourite of royalty tracks his uncertain way!

To eastward the peak broke away sheer, beetling in a perpetual menace to the valleys and the lower hills.

He spoke of it as though it were some beetling eminence, resembling at the very least a Snowdon or an Helvellyn.

The whole mountain range seemed an immense red barrier of beetling rock.

The place, walled in by beetling precipice, was beginning to darken into cloister-dim shadows.