Beeves [noun]

Definition of Beeves:

strong physical makeup

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Sentence/Example of Beeves:

Thanks to ranching techniques used by The Perennial’s suppliers, one pound of beef is offset by 45 pounds of carbon sequestered in the soil.

Everything from lumber, coins, ammo, beef, to medical supplies has been affected.

This is the biggest issue with lab-grown meat, whether beef, pork, or fish—it’s difficult and costly to scale up its production.

McGunagle will jump out of the plane carrying supplies that include drinking water, food like beef jerky or peanut butter, solution for his contact lenses, and a pound of coffee.

Other biotech techniques hope to improve the beef industry without displacing it.

It’s one of the reasons that beef is more expensive than, say, chicken — it takes more time, more inputs, to produce a pound of beef than a pound of chicken.

While this was being done, Ramona would dry the beef which would be their supply of meat for many months.

At last, a sirloin of beef was set before him, on which his empty stomach made him feed voraciously.

She's too old for beef, or the butcher would; and she makes out to get her livin' without botherin' nobody much.

The ship's company were supplied daily with fresh beef and vegetables.