Befallen [verb]

Definition of Befallen:

happen to; take place

Synonyms of Befallen:

Opposite/Antonyms of Befallen:



Sentence/Example of Befallen:

When a tragic incident suddenly befalls the fringes of her social circle, she and her 30-something friends from college start to evaluate their love lives and career goals.

A bear market at the outset of retirement can make things more challenging than a rip-roaring bull market, but there are ways to prepare yourself for the scenario that befell investors recently—and no doubt will again.

The astronauts are unaware of the catastrophe that has befallen Earth, and it falls to Augustine to warn them not to return.

That this kind of tragedy can befall you or befall somebody that you love, should encourage us all to realize we’re in this together.

This kind of tragedy would never befall Arizona birders today.

Earlier in my youth another severe affliction had befallen me in the same month.

I ask if those measures had not been adopted, what would have befallen the Spanish people?

Then they came back on their road & related unto Gunnhild what had befallen.

Meanwhile, terrible trials had befallen the party who had started to found the Makololo Mission.

Straightway did Sigurd take Olaf to the house of the Queen, and to her made known what had befallen.