Befell [verb]

Definition of Befell:

happen to; take place

Synonyms of Befell:

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Sentence/Example of Befell:

The study highlights issues that befell a few of these nations.

A double dose of misfortune befell Virginia Tech in the opening minutes, starting with cornerback Brion Murray getting caught out of position on a double move from Yarbrough for a 32-yard touchdown reception that began the scoring.

In an interview earlier this year, she reflected on the dizzying instant stardom that once befell Miss Americas — a journey more heady than most of today’s reality TV stars would ever know, she noted, but just as fleeting.

The turmoil that would befall the country, let alone the economy and the financial markets, in such a situation would be a nightmare that should concentrate the minds of business leaders regardless of party or ideology.

The same fate will befall the National Football League in September if it doesn’t drastically reimagine its protocol for a return to play.

In this depraved state of mind he arrived at Perpignan, where that befell him which I am about to relate.

The sudden destruction which befell them was due in the main to the devotion of these two young heroes.

Nothing befell us that night as we took shelter in the open grounds outside of the city.

Ten days since it befell that Moslem corsairs landed by night at Cefalu, and stormed your father's castle.

It was the winter before these things befell that the battle with the Jomsborg vikings was fought in Hiorungavag.