Befitted [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Befitted:

It would ill befit the dignity of a Villiers to be frightened out of her abode by a party of rude soldiers.

I have never craved wealth for its own sake, though I have always known that a costly setting would befit beauty such as mine.

The rooms were decorated to befit the day, and great jack-o'-lanterns grinned from mantels or brackets.

And then he would sit in his arm-chair for hours, intending to turn his mind to such solemn thoughts as might befit a dying man.

They would better befit a debating society than an assembly of statesmen met to consider constitutional questions.

Every adaptation of means to an end would not become God, though it might befit man.

It was a slow proceeding, for I would often stop, and sit down to think what course would best befit me to take at this moment.

In the apple, on the other hand, I can see all sorts of qualities which should better befit a masculine symbol.

The migrant woodpecker whose cheery cackle assures us of the certainty of spring is rich in names that well befit him.

Naught doth so befit ye grete as grete performance; and haply shall ye finde yt 'tis not from mediocrity this miracle hath issued.