Befitting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Befitting:

People’s productivity and commitment are being judged via proxies that aren’t befitting to their role, like attending a weekly virtual happy hour for five months straight.

Written in a pretty hand it was—handwriting befitting a dum fine-lookin' girl like that!

The considerate sergeant thought this the most befitting place in which to deposit his prisoner until the moment of execution.

She had the august and majestic bearing befitting a queen, and is usually described in classic literature as wearing a veil.

He set about his preparation with the calm deliberation befitting such a tremendous enterprise.

She spoke in a jesting tone ill befitting the solemnity of the subject, and he answered in the same vein.

A few years since the inhabitants regarded the lack with befitting pride; but the views of visitors differ.

The men on the porch hailed him gravely and ceremoniously, as befitting an occasion of solemnity.

The next morning found him in the cheerful frame of mind befitting a man who has seen his efforts crowned with enviable success.

"The seor duke seems to like good pictures," said Don Rufo, stretching his mouth from ear to ear to speak with a befitting smile.