Befittingly [adverb]

Definition of Befittingly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Befittingly:

Sentence/Example of Befittingly:

Having arrived at such a perfect understanding, they separated in a befittingly cheerful spirit.

Or will an apparition of the day more befittingly reveal God?

As the story was related in its original form, it was rung out befittingly from the Chimes in four quarters.

Under this roof, and in these halls of bright young verdure, the youth and the maid came face to face befittingly.

I suppose I rode befittingly, for Mr. Pollingray praised my seat on horseback.

A belated sea-bird's shrill scream but emphasized the deep silence which lent itself befittingly to the solemnity of nature.

I would know your name, sir,” said I, “so that I might the more befittingly give answer.

Now, as to those engaged in these enterprises and professions a few words may be befittingly said.

A little feast was prepared for the occasion, and my many friends were dressed, all in their Sunday clothes, befittingly.

Both, like epaulets or tassels, were worn lightly and befittingly.