Befriends [verb]

Definition of Befriends:

make social acquaintance; support

Synonyms of Befriends:

Opposite/Antonyms of Befriends:

Sentence/Example of Befriends:

For her sake alone I should think he would be pleased to find others ready to befriend her.

On the following day he parted forever from the family that he would have given his life to befriend.

Sisters, let us try by all possible means to befriend our own sex and help all who are thrown in our way, heavenward.

His principal witness has run away, his old friends all turn against him, and circumstantial evidence doesn't befriend him.

And with that sigh there was a smile that lasted when the sigh was gone: for I promised to befriend her children.

These last words she murmured almost in a whisper, as she held the hand of the woman she wished to befriend.

Possibly the Moabite prince was not ill pleased to befriend the enemy of his own enemy, the King of Israel.

Separated by his birth and dwelling-place from mankind in general, Eudæmon strove to benefit the few he could befriend.

And shall not we who are engaged in so weary a conflict call upon all saints, and Her especially, to aid and befriend us?

Reynard now instinctively made for the farmyard among the pines, trusting meanwhile that luck would befriend him.