Befuddling [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Befuddling:

Coach Sean McVay and quarterback Jared Goff were befuddled on that evening by the defensive scheming of Coach Bill Belichick and the Patriots as the Rams lost, 13-3.

These Roman nights, with their garlic and incense, are apt to befuddle the brain,—rob it of its power to plot.

There was no necessity now for tricks to further befuddle the demoralized cadets.

Really, Mr. Ward, the writer who cannot sufficiently befuddle himself and his readers in fifty pages is not very skilful.

But when an artist tells them of recondite principles in æsthetics they accuse him of an endeavour to befuddle them.

He had been drinking alcolite; not enough to befuddle him, but enough to make him triumphantly talkative.

Confused ideas of my identity and importance arose like fumes to further befuddle me.

I am willing to wager my soul, however, that that box is simply a hoax to befuddle us.

Bram Forest, now desperately seeking a question that would clarify rather than further befuddle, held up his hand.

Daniel Sands had no cosmic problems on his mind with which to befuddle young Perry.