Begat [verb]

Definition of Begat:

create, bear

Synonyms of Begat:

Opposite/Antonyms of Begat:







Sentence/Example of Begat:

He left descendants who also reigned with majesty and begat children who did many things.

The patience and fortitude with which they suffered, begat compassion, admiration, esteem.

This pride begat conceit and a foolish confidence in herself that made her betrayal easy.

My grandfather then entered into partnership with the worthy trader, carried on the patent with spirit, and begat two sons.

To which of the two does the child belong—to him who begat but abandoned it, or to him who took pity on it and brought it up?

As Adam begat a son in his own fallen likeness, all his race partake of the same corrupt nature.

Menglod is her name, her mother her begat with Svaf, Thorin's son.

Nine wolves we begat in Sagunes; I alone was father of them all.

I should have far more reason to beat yours, said Ctesippus; what could he have been thinking of when he begat such wise sons?

The old pagan looked evil and cruel in her fury of loyalty to that house which begat her beloved Dea.