Begetters [noun]

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One form of the legend makes Tammuz the begetter of autumn vegetation.

Is happiness courted in vain A certain begetter of pain—A fruit with an asp at the core?

Regarded as the unbegotten begetter of the first beginning, he succeeded in achieving the incomprehensible.

To assign such significance to the word 'begetter' was entirely in Thorpe's vein.

If so, the mental impulse of love, and even its lower form of animal passion, is the begetter of the human race.

Man wants things to go on as they did a hundred years ago; woman, the dependant, the begetter, the chattel.

His truest claim to praise for intellectual superiority is, perhaps, that he was a prolific begetter of wit in other men.

Begetter of intelligence reached by intuition, not reason, iii.

Such were the deeds of the begetter and giver of being, Tepeuh, Gucumatz.

It was a great and fruitful idea—and the Prince was its only begetter.