Begetting [verb]

Definition of Begetting:

create, bear

Synonyms of Begetting:

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Sentence/Example of Begetting:

Marriage will not cure hysteria,—the worst cases are married women, and they beget other hysterics in spreading succession.

Were it not for the existence of passions no one would build a house, marry a wife, beget children, or do any work.

The tendency of the American system, on the other hand, is to beget a spirit of routine and to check productivity.

But the power of Number, hypostatically existing within it, divided it, and made it beget the manifold.

Of which soul are these reasons,79 which do not beget the man (though they do beget the animal), then the actualization?

Besides, how could the absolute One, which within itself admits of no difference, beget species?

The happy ones do well to hide their felicity, lest the envy it would beget should make the world intolerable.

The widow looked through her bed-room window and listened, as if the absolute stillness must beget a sudden cry.

Sherringham almost feared to dwell on this, lest it should beget in him a rage convertible mainly into caring for her more.

It is his sacred duty and his private interest to beget children and to train them to take his place.