Beggaring [verb]

Definition of Beggaring:

devastate, destroy

Synonyms of Beggaring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beggaring:

Sentence/Example of Beggaring:

"He must be rich, or else he's poor, and so in love that he's absolutely beggaring himself for you," said Mrs. Sorel.

If they could succeed in doing so, the result would be absurd; they would all be trying to grow richer by beggaring each other.

Judge of the Fêtes now that the fools have got the sanction of the British Parliament to their beggaring principles.

Fantastic garbs, beggaring all fancy of a Teniers or a Callot, succeed each other, like monster devouring monster in a Dream.

Then ensued a scene of eating and drinking beggaring all description.

The great capitals were covered with beautiful sculpture, beggaring description.

By such maxims as these, however, nations have been taught that their interest consisted in beggaring all their neighbours.

Your scheme for beggaring your children, and enriching yourself, clever as it is, is killed in the bud.

Scream followed scream as the poor beast writhed helplessly, a look in her face beggaring description.

What you greatly need is some one to look after you and your sister and to prevent you from beggaring yourself and her.