Beggarly [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Beggarly:

I say, down with the aristocracy, the beggarly British aristocracy.

Imagine a beggarly girl in an office daring to address such criticism to the great Mr. Lang!

And turning to the man confronting me, he added, "This gentleman will settle their beggarly accounts."

The money he saves in his damned beggarly court goes to buy men's souls.

Why should ladies demean themselves by going amongst dirty beggarly folk?

I traveled over to this hall on the evening of my lecture, and spoke to a beggarly array of empty seats.

The mines should bear the blame of the prevalent faults of the saucy beggars and beggarly grandees of Spain.

Thither, went scrubbed beggarly Lazarus, &c. Nay, it is prepared for the poor.

Evan heard the words 'beggarly tailor' mumbled 'out of the gutters,' and 'cursed connection.'

To answer this fittingly, our poor and beggarly human speech was insufficient for Don Luis.