Beggary [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Beggary:

Humanity shut its eyes in view of the hideous apparition of wan and haggard beggary and crime.

Such foundlings often fell into the hands of those whose trade was beggary and who trained children for the same profession.

With all its wisdom, will it not be reduced to beggary and starvation?

Well, I see nothing but bloodshed and beggary staring us in the face.

From that day forward he became poorer and poorer, until he was reduced to absolute beggary.

There are also beggar's songs which tell that the singers were driven to beggary through loss of parents.

Poor men's sons can, if they are steady and industrious and clever, rise in the world; rich men's sons can come down to beggary.

This affair was pompously announced in all the newspapers while I was nearly reduced to beggary.

They may be compared to men who have lived upon their principal till they are reduced to beggary and left without resources.

Rifle her estate; Christians to beggary brought grow desperate.