Beginner [noun]

Definition of Beginner:

person unskilled in something

Synonyms of Beginner:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beginner:

Sentence/Example of Beginner:

On day two, we hit the saunas and the spa and tried beginner yoga and meditation classes.

This is for kids or beginners, and does not contain professional grade sewing tools.

Matt Pincus, a seasoned climber and coach at TrainingBeta, says it’s more productive for beginner and intermediate climbers to focus on the simple things, like increasing climbing volume and confronting fear.

However, Source tree equally claims to serve both powerful experts, as well as absolute beginners.

One of the most prevalent problems in the content marketing efforts of beginners is inconsistency.

The common problem many beginner content creators make is they focus too much on content and too little on marketing.

For beginners in SEO, there are a few general ground rules for when you’re just starting out with title tags.

Many British Ferns evidence a marked tendency to “sport,” and this is a fact which the beginner should always bear in mind.

For this purpose there are, unfortunately, but few works which are well calculated to serve the needs of the beginner.

From its difficulty it should not be taken as a study by a beginner, for modelling and color are difficult enough at best.