Beginners [noun]

Definition of Beginners:

person unskilled in something

Synonyms of Beginners:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beginners:

Sentence/Example of Beginners:

Beginners must be warned against mistaking the edges of cells, or particles which have retained the red stain, for bacilli.

Scratches and flaws in the glass of slide or cover are likewise a common source of confusion to beginners.

Bubbles of air are often confusing to beginners, but are easily recognized after once being seen.

Indeed it will probably be safest for beginners to continue this degree of heat until one-third of the leaf is dried.

But beginners are very apt to think that if they cannot get the color they want, they can get it in another kind of tube.

Then Miss Brown said they had done very well for beginners, and that it was time to stop and decide upon a name for their club.

Reins too short, head too forward, and pace too violent are the ordinary faults of beginners.

They are highly important for all, whether beginners or not, who would have the best development of the breathing apparatus.

But there be few beginners of this mark, most begin so feebly because they begin so fearfully.

Because there is a conspiracy among editors to suppress talented beginners.