Beginnings [noun]

Definition of Beginnings:

start of an event or action

Synonyms of Beginnings:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beginnings:

Sentence/Example of Beginnings:

It not only brought about the instant beginnings of the siege, but its proportions were grossly exaggerated in the public eye.

All discoveries, in a word, have had their necessary beginnings in an interest in the facts which daily experience discloses.

Nevertheless, if his cruelty bears no relation to her wrongful beginnings, she still has good ground for separation.

She goes up the room, and as she passes them she gives them a little bend of the head and the beginnings of a grave smile.

When they went up at night, every one felt that half the say had not been said, and there were fresh beginnings on the stairs.

The beginnings of this industry go back beyond the memory of the oldest inhabitants or even of their parents.

Circuses are, for the most part, privately owned and have grown up from small beginnings.

It is not till the end of the eleventh century that we find the beginnings of a national literature in France and Germany.

"And so you will throw aside all the beginnings, all the beliefs and pledges—" Again her sentence remained incomplete.

To watch a great man's growth, to trace a master's noble achievements from their humble beginnings, has a charm for most minds.