Behaved [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Behaved:

Do not take a child with you to pay calls, until it is old enough to behave quietly and with propriety.

But Jake shook her up, and told her to behave, as it was a 'Piscopal funeral and not a pra'r meetin'.

She would never tell, no, not even Tessa; but how could she behave towards him as if she did not know?

This time I had my ankus with me, so that in case he should run away again I could prick his neck and make him behave.

The wise man, when the waves smile, ought to know how to behave; in the breakers he must go slow.

For I trust that he will behave with moderation and humanity, and following my intentions, will be gracious unto you.

No one knew much of me, and I suspect, so long as I behave peacefully and follow my present calling, no one will ask after me.

I have often heard of you, and if you behave well you shall hear how it came to pass that I know so much about you.

It's their business to sit up there stiff and solemn and stern, and see that you behave and learn your lessons.

People may believe what they like, so far as we are concerned, if they behave themselves, and pay their debts.