Beheads [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Beheads:

He stepped forward as he spoke, and his esquire gave him the two-hand Sword of State, heavy enough to behead a bisonoid.

The weak thread of his patience broke, and in a fearful passion he commanded the guards to behead me at once.

Behead a time-piece, and leave something by which treasures are protected.

Behead a gulf on the coast of Africa, and leave a lair of wild beasts.

Behead a basket or hamper, and leave standard or proportion.

Behead and curtail the center, and leave a part of the body.

Behead a part of the head, and leave what comes from the clouds.

I would sooner hang or fry a hundred wretched burghers, or behead a score of knights, than touch this friar.

The English serve their monarch upon their knees, but they depose, imprison, and behead him.

The vizier turned sadly away and ordered his djelat to behead Prince Stephan.