Beheld [verb]

Definition of Beheld:

regard; look at

Synonyms of Beheld:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beheld:

Sentence/Example of Beheld:

On the 6th of August we beheld, for the first time, flying fish, but at such a distance that we could scarcely distinguish them.

I looked up at sound of a startled exclamation, and beheld the round African physog of Lyn Rowan's colored mammy.

For a moment Mrs. Chester did not answer; then she looked up and, as if in reply to her own perplexity, beheld Jim Barlow.

As if within her bonny smile and unshrinking friendliness he beheld something new and wonderfully beautiful.

Now as I beheld the living creatures, there appeared upon the earth by the living creatures one wheel with four faces.

Towards evening, we beheld the mountain ranges of the island of Huaheme, which we passed during the night.

As the icy waters closed over him, he struck out boldly for the spot where he had last beheld the struggling youth.

Today we beheld the coast of China for the first time, and towards evening we were not more than thirty-three miles from Macao.

On the declivities of the hills, we beheld a number of graves, which were marked by single, upright stones.

Their queen alone beheld his approach without a tremor; she turned on him the icy glance of her green eyes.