Beholden [adjective]

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In recent months, direct-to-consumer brands that have been heavily invested in Facebook have been looking to diversify, according to Chris Toy, CEO of MarketerHire, as founders fear being “too beholden” to one channel.

Four years later, Gow feels let down and is convinced that both political parties are beholden to corporations — even foreign corporations that aim to take American land.

Basically, the post office had to function less like a public service and more like a private business, but still uphold its public service obligations — like being beholden to requirements set by Congress and having to serve every American.

Our unusual energy surplus has made it possible to reinvent the wheel of solar capture and drive past the limitations previously imposed on life, which had been almost exclusively beholden to photosynthetic energy capture.

We are not beholden to, thee for anything, for thy debt is paid to thee to the full; which methinks were very bold words.

Maybe that was why—though he may not have admitted it to himself—he could not bear to be beholden to her when his ruin came.

These confederates of his had one thing in common, however; all of them were beholden to Raymond Latour.

Because,” said I, “it is not proper that I be beholden to you for meat and drink.

We and the Surgeons are more beholden to Women than all the Professions besides.

Pick-Me-Up devotes itself to the humour of the music-hall, and is probably not largely beholden to women for its sprightliness.