Beholder [noun]

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Which approach is right may be in the eye of the beholder, and overly restrictive approaches can have negative consequences.

As Oster put it, “all these kinds of numbers are in the eyes of the beholder.”

Restoration is so perfect that the ordinary beholder would never know the tower had been touched.

Perspiration streamed from the founder, while the beholder crossed himself, in the shadow.

As a public force he was no longer a human being at all—he was a deformity, a spectre conjured up to bring fright to the beholder.

Sinister appearances; some strange, furtive glance seemed cast upon the beholder through that obscure mass up-piled.

The beholder had a vague sense of something advancing steadily towards him.

Any beholder would imagine that she was alive, and not dead.

No candid beholder could deny that the system of persecution had thus far proved an utter failure.

The beholder imagined that upon its floor was running water, and if any one walked upon it he would slip.