Beholds [verb]

Definition of Beholds:

regard; look at

Synonyms of Beholds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beholds:

Sentence/Example of Beholds:

With either Mr. Shepard or Mr. Low elected, Tammany would dwindle—as one now beholds it—to be a third-rate influence.

Accordingly, we find the invariable result is that the favoured mortal beholds swarms of fairies who were invisible before.

Once more the Prophet beholds in the firmament above the cherubim the likeness of a throne.

Creation opens its eyes, and beholds the work of the creator, and decides that it is good—yet not so good as it might be!

A farmer sees a bright light in his well, and, on drawing near, beholds a woman diving and washing in the water.

He beholds now the Holy place, the Most Holy, the side buildings, the hinder buildings and the interior of the temple.

It was one of those momentary fits of rage into which Progress falls when it beholds its father's ghost in history.

She converses with her attendant, and Palamon from the dungeon-grating beholds her as she gathers the flowers of spring.

For not Mankind only, but all that Mankind does or beholds, is in continual growth, re-genesis and self-perfecting vitality.

It is unfortunate if the boy beholds in these two essential institutions merely an emasculated police.