Behooves [verb]

Definition of Behooves:

be necessary, proper

Synonyms of Behooves:

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Sentence/Example of Behooves:

It well behooves those in high places to make their actions and opinions conform to their great destinies.

At the same time it is a truth which it behooves every religionist and particularly every Jew to believe.

It behooves us before everything else positively to ascertain that mediumistic phenomena exist.

It behooves me to learn something of the "Philosopher of Knigsberg," and I want these to ease the way.

But it behooves us old stagers to keep our lamps trimmed and burning to the last, and not trust to the sun's looming.

As for music—but perhaps it behooves a retired prima donna to be discreet in making comparisons.

Now behooves me hasten just a mite, if I'm goin' to get to Kingdom before sundown!

Some of our inmates is payin' boarders, sir, payin' boarders, and behooves us set palatable food before 'em.

This is an impasse, Mr. Cornell, and it behooves all of us to be extremely polite to one another.

It behooves us now to see that while a narrow pallet is advisable a very wide tooth is not; yet these two are inseparable.