Bejeweled [adjective]

Definition of Bejeweled:

plentifully bestrewn

Synonyms of Bejeweled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Bejeweled:

Sentence/Example of Bejeweled:

He saw the bejeweled turban of Umballa bend toward the girl, and it was hard to resist taking a pot at the man.

With a wave of his fat bejeweled hand he appeared to dismiss the matter from his mind.

Ankova transferred to his own belt the weapons of the corpse—his heavy pistol—his case of atomic grenades—his bejeweled war club.

I was paraded for the curiosity of empty-headed girls, outrageously dcollet and bejeweled.

We faced each other, my antagonist baring an arm which, despite the bejeweled hand, was to the full as big-muscled as my own.

Altars are gaudily decorated and statues bejeweled and be (artificial) flowered in Hispano-Italian fashion.

Guests were arriving—prominent men, beautiful women, bejeweled leaders of the city's society.

Like shining lances, they gleamed from the interstices in the leafy roof to the dew-bejeweled sward.

It was a huge and cumbersome thing, the menore of that day, but it worked as well as the fragile, bejeweled things of today.

The black vault of the heavens lit with a silvery sheen, embracing the prairie world beneath its bejeweled pall.