Belaboring [verb]

Definition of Belaboring:

dwell on

Synonyms of Belaboring:

Opposite/Antonyms of Belaboring:


Sentence/Example of Belaboring:

He threw his right arm upward as if to escape a blow, but the old dame did not belabor him.

An old woman, standing by our camp, continued to belabor a good-looking young man for hours with her tongue.

The northerners strike the back of the rim with their sticks, while the Yukon people belabor the face of the drum.

Presently, when the couch was a wreck and Bob had Frank over his knees and was preparing to belabor him, Jack interfered.

An old man stood up and began to belabor the frightened animal.

Like lubberly monks, we belabor our own shoulders, and take a vast satisfaction in the music of our own groans.

She snatched a bamboo to belabor the girl, and in chasing her knocked over the pun of pots aforesaid.

And if she limped a little, she no doubt owed that to the poor woman, whom old Macquart used to belabor with blows.

They got mad at my stumbling over them, took away my parcel and began to belabor me.

But our newspaper critic will belabor that author soundly for us!