Belatedly [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Belatedly:

The Pac-12’s belated start meant its playoff hopes were going to ride heavily on whether somebody — and “somebody” was assumed to be Oregon — would bash everyone in its way.

Speaking with reporters Thursday, he did not rule out taking action against the General Services Administration at a future date to force a belated recognition of his presidential transition.

Apple’s belated embrace of the technology will go a long way toward taking it mainstream.

Because of its sensitivity to controversy, the Nobel committee has a habit of awarding belated prizes … sometimes decades late.

To skywatchers, though, chiaroscuro was just an extremely belated recognition of a natural truth that their predecessors had discovered millennia earlier.

Belatedly, Ruiz made radio contact with the doughnut, which was still well within range.

The rifle came up—and dropped back again as Alexander belatedly pretended that she had not seen him.

Belatedly, Brad recalled that the Cub leader and Mr. Holloway had expected to make a brief trip that morning to the mainland.

"There's a lot uh cake you boys might just as well eat up," the Countess called belatedly.

Belatedly, he knew that the cutout which he held dangling, resembled Pillbot in outline.