Belay [verb]

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Sentence/Example of Belay:

Your brother, in my humble opinion, is the most capable and the best-hearted man that I ever knew and—” “Belay!

Away went the sloop, steadying her bow-lines; the call piping belay, as each sail was trimmed to the officer of the deck's fancy.

Belay the binnacle and part the ship's periwig abaft the main-mast!

When they had hoisted the unconscious Tom to the gaff, Swarth ordered: "Belay, coil up the fall, and go forrard."

"You belay," remarked the Captain, turning towards the vermin of Law with profound disdain.

“Belay your jaw-tackle, master,” growled out one of the pirates who had advanced into the cabin.

"Avast, and belay there with a double turn, goodman host," exclaimed the Captain.

Ease off an inch or two of that royal-brace; haul taut to leeward, well there, belay!

"So; belay there," the mate called out to the men who were slackening the main-sail.

He did not belay the tired animal with a whip and curse and swear at him in his helplessness.