Belch [verb]

Definition of Belch:

burp; spew

Synonyms of Belch:

Opposite/Antonyms of Belch:


Sentence/Example of Belch:

Then, holding it in one hand, he faced the assemblage and delivered himself of one Godlike belch.

If they come near the pool, he certainly will belch forth poisonous breath and they will die at once.

The ordinary iron furnaces belch forth flames which are really good useful gas (carbon monoxide) burning to waste.

I feel he has been quietly laughing at me, until from behind a distant snow capped ridge I see a black belch of smoke.

Some tips when burping for a crowd, To help your belch be extra loud: Arch your back for full projection.

A dull gruff belch, at irregular intervals, accompanied by a sense of concussion, told the story of the distant conflict.

And Ulenspiegel saw and heard him belch forth blasphemy, blood, and deathfoam.

Fourteen guns belch out their balls of forty-six pound on the Cruys-poort.

For they belch up a certain breath wherewith they bewitch whomsoever they list.

Sabers flash in the air, pistols and carbines belch forth sulphur smoke.