Beldams [noun]

Definition of Beldams:

ugly woman

Synonyms of Beldams:



Opposite/Antonyms of Beldams:


Sentence/Example of Beldams:

At last the beldam stopped in an out-of-the-way part of the town, before a strange-looking house.

The beldam hurried hither and thither, and with the help of the guinea pigs and squirrels quickly made the soup.

Was the beldam an enchantress, and were these little animals children, whom she had stolen and made victims of her enchantments?

Alma Mater was to me injusta noverca; and the old beldam only gave me my M.A. degree because she could not avoid it.

He had a certain amount of faith in the divinations of magic, and at least it could do no harm to see what the beldam would say.

He had a fine black mare, Bess Beldam, and he rode on her a-hunting with the gentry up in Yorkshire.

"He's only doing it to make sure I'm not a beldam," said Gwen innocently.

"This is a make-peace fashion of thine," said the beldam, relaxing into a smile.

"Sir Robert has himself written me about that beldam," said the chamberlain.

The beldam caught her cue readily and by innuendo, without giving Lady Ashton the pain of distinct explanation.