Beleaguered [verb]

Definition of Beleaguered:

harass, besiege

Synonyms of Beleaguered:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beleaguered:

Sentence/Example of Beleaguered:

That would be welcome news for companies in those beleaguered live events industries whose balance sheets have been bloodied this year.

It would be an enormous burden on an already beleaguered agency.

The other grant would help capture sand and trash that often beleaguered a collector in a border canyon called Smuggler’s Gulch.

Groups of hundreds of non-combatants were hurrying off from the beleaguered insurgent capital.

Thus the sun set on Rome beleaguered, the barbarians outside the City.

In the meantime the risen sun has burned a way through the fog, splendoring a part of the beleaguered city.

At last she was on her way to the relief of the beleaguered city; there was no room for misgiving in her faithful heart.

He defeated the enemy and carried away the beleaguered garrison with all the women and children.

Of his army, barely one hundred foot soldiers found their way into the beleaguered town.

And so the spring of 1573 passed away, and summer came; but no succor arrived for the beleaguered city.