Beleaguers [verb]

Definition of Beleaguers:

harass, besiege

Synonyms of Beleaguers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Beleaguers:

Sentence/Example of Beleaguers:

And yet I cannot think that any Scottish or French rovers could land in such force as to beleaguer the fortalice.

Somehow that seemed to make her matter less, and Dodo had not at present made any determined effort to beleaguer her.

For Edward took his army to beleaguer Calais, and after blockading it for nearly a year forced it to surrender.

The bold beleaguer'd post the hero gains, And the hard siege with various fate sustains.

In his tragedy of Ezelino, after the tyrant's downfall, a captain is sent to beleaguer Treviso, and reduce Ezelino's garrison.

Having pardoned their offences against ourselves, we went back to beleaguer Samarkand.

Should we have to beleaguer it we may count upon some help from within.'

Make a detour through some pass, forestall your foes, beleaguer them, protect our troops!

They, however, continued to beleaguer the place, occasionally showing in great masses.

Before God can make her in truth His own, make her verify her name, He will have to beleaguer and reduce her.