Beliefs [noun]

Definition of Beliefs:

putting regard in as true

Opposite/Antonyms of Beliefs:

Sentence/Example of Beliefs:

There he might yet live among men of his own race and degree, and of congenial beliefs and occupations.

"I mean that most men hold so strongly to life, and can give up so little for their beliefs," he said gravely.

The truth is, in giving up the idea of guardian angels and similar beliefs we have given up some of the greatest comforts in life.

It is filled throughout with legends relating to the Devil, and with superstitious beliefs of the Middle Age.

Mistral's poetic ideas have been largely suggested to him by popular beliefs and the stories he heard at his fireside when a boy.

Beliefs based on ideal or imaginative postulates, once strong, are now weak.

She outlived her brother, given over "to her religion and her over-thrown beliefs."

The common people continued to make little distinction and did not permit criticism to influence their ancient beliefs.

We may here put an end to one of those popular beliefs which are repeated in many writers from Sauval down.

In all the ages, with all peoples, among all beliefs, mankind has always asked the secret of its destiny of the starry heavens.