Belies [verb]

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The result is an industry whose products and working conditions belie the industry rhetoric about changing the world for the better.

Her optimistic assessment is belied, however, by recent reports of investors and multinational companies decamping for Singapore, and of wealthy individuals moving gold out of Hong Kong.

This ability comes so naturally to us it belies the complexity of the brain’s data-crunching processes under the hood.

That message, though, belies a major influx of institutional support as Boerner Horvath’s colleagues and the Democratic Party have bolstered her campaign with tens of thousands of dollars in donations.

Carolina’s consistent predilection for offensive rebounding and 2-pointers also belie a sport-wide trend away from both those strategies.

A more intimate acquaintance with their manner belies this reputation.

Meaning that although a person takes plenty of food and nourishment, his appearance belies it.

But science says that no man is really dead who still retains his consciousness, by which statement science belies its name.

But there are many whom a suspicion of the dilettante in such an exterior belies, and Narcissus was one of them.

The man whose outer life belies the inner is an enforced suicide.