Believability [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Believability:

We believe that by keeping insects in the classroom, young children have a chance to learn more about these animals.

I believe the localities’ narrow regulation of a harmful medical practice affecting vulnerable minors falls within the narrow band of permissibility.

It’s hard to watch, but it’s one of the best portrayals I’ve seen, and believe you me, I’ve been watching for them.

I got my first one in May 2014 and couldn’t believe I hadn’t made the investment previously.

There is no bigger crisis for media, politics and society than the growing number of people who do not believe facts and verifiable figures.

She and Sewell said that two months ago, the school shut down for seven days after a student tested positive for the coronavirus, leading them to believe the school was taking precautions.

Beyer said he believes this effort to ban seclusion will gain broad bipartisan support, both because of greater public awareness of the issue and because legislative staffers worked with school groups to find common ground in the bill’s language.

She had never heard of sperm donation, but she said Kiken led her to believe that he could find her a young donor, probably a medical student, who would resemble her husband and be screened for any health problems.

They’re a partner that’s understood what we’re doing from the beginning and truly believe in our vision.

The divergence is notable if you believe the line that Bitcoin is “a gold play” for the younger generation.