Belittle [verb]

Definition of Belittle:


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Sentence/Example of Belittle:

She was very woman, and the look of the thing was not nice to her eyes, while it must belittle her in theirs.

This is supposed to refer to an altercation between these two gods, in which they tried to belittle each other.

The man who shuns realities because they belittle him is on the wrong road; he is hopelessly lost from the beginning.

When they have won the praise of men, pride leads them on to belittle the work of other men and to applaud their own.

Weve278 been thundered at, frightened, cursed, and every agency has united to belittle us in our own eyes.

Nevertheless, these misstatements of Greaves were used by critics all over the world to belittle Whistler.

O, the length and breadth, the height and depth, the cruelty and the irony of a prejudice which can so belittle human nature.

He felt that he must make himself worthy of her—to go back to her as anything less than a hero might seem to belittle her.

Fox rejected for himself every social custom which seemed to him to be hollow and to belittle man himself.

Parents either exaggerate the talents of their children or else belittle them.