Belittled [verb]

Definition of Belittled:


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Sentence/Example of Belittled:

Somehow the comparison in his favour was disagreeable—he preferred to hear his cousin praised, but certainly not belittled.

Not that he belittled the exigence of Truth; he did but insist on a proper separation.

A splendid or an affecting story may be degraded or belittled by being told in an unworthy style.

Yet the chagrin of having at once so violently and so impotently belittled himself added one sting more to his fate.

The business of coming out must be taken quite seriously and the importance of it not belittled.

They were returning victorious, yet believing that Dunmore, instead of contributing to that victory, had belittled it.

She hoped for much from it--much more than the physical recuperation, though that was not to be belittled.

His discovery was depreciated and belittled, and made to appear a farce.

She no longer belittled romance to a love-tale—rather it was the adventure of a creative god—Zeus as Poet.

Perhaps the bitterest part of the suffering would be to see Jack himself befooled, belittled.