Belittlement [noun]

Definition of Belittlement:

act of belittling

Synonyms of Belittlement:

Opposite/Antonyms of Belittlement:


Sentence/Example of Belittlement:

The press — both the tabloids and more credible, high-profile outlets — hounded women like Spears for disturbingly intimate details of their lives, then belittled and even villainized them for those very details.

It’s been used to elevate one man’s patriotism over another’s, to declare some parts of the country more authentically American than others, to belittle some people’s hurt while carefully nursing others through their pain.

Many of them surpass it in grandeur, and this belittlement of our globe shows a more sublime ideal of God.

This I call the danger of perfection, our possible belittlement through beauty.

It was their back-parlour misinterpretation and belittlement of Nature that made these modern Philistines worship her.

For Archie they had, one and all, a sensitive affection and respect which recoiled from a word of belittlement.

He advised his followers to "play the game" and let the new member have his triumph without belittlement.

It was a mockery of their bravado, a belittlement of their bluff and swagger in the brief day of their oppression.

He had an uncomfortable sense of belittlement, of having played a small part in a not altogether worthy game.

It is because of this refusal that he has been pursued with belittlement by one Russian writer after another since his death.