Belittles [verb]

Definition of Belittles:


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Sentence/Example of Belittles:

I would not count his beautiful talent at less than its rare worth, and if this figure belittles that, it does him wrong.

It belittles their minds—thank fortune, that making kindling wood of the characters of other people does do this!

It is said that the Roman belittles things, that he is an easy despiser.

The ancient prophets were idealists, preachers of the Spirit as opposed to the form that cramps and belittles.

The physical universe belittles us on one side only; it makes a pigmy of the body.

In the warm glow of a July morning, he belittles his misfortunes, the present trials sapping little Ste. Marie.

The grotesque name of Thomasina Tucker belittles your exquisite art.

The death of Cicero, sacrificed to Antony's not unreasonable vengeance, is magnified into a crime that belittles the Augustan age.

Wit belittles one thing and dignifies another; and its comparisons are as often flattering as ironical.

When a man puts on the robe of pride, he immediately belittles his manhood.