Belittling [verb]

Definition of Belittling:


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Sentence/Example of Belittling:

This night the woman of his belittling deprecations was thinking how great and good her husband was.

He is weary both of dissipation and of the youthful frivolities 169 which are injuring and belittling him.

Far from belittling Descartes, as I much desire to repeat, this rather makes him the greater.

We were unable to find any of those selfish and belittling springs of action which rob great deeds of more than half their glory.

Why will you insist on belittling everything that you have done?

Living for the eyes of our neighbors is stupefying and belittling.

He was invited to places, and he accepted the invitations without either belittling or magnifying their importance.

But no manner of coldness could check Miss Joan's propensity for belittling her benefactress.

She knew now why she had made a habit of belittling and criticizing him to herself: she had been defending herself against him.

Another of the petty economies which is not belittling is the washing of one's own dining-room dishes.