Bellboys [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bellboys:

A bellboy saw Merry and hastened to notify him that he was wanted at the desk.

He is a Harvard man, but he worked his way through school and one of his jobs was bellboy in a hotel.

The surprised clerk stepped back on a bellboy, and covertly kicked him for being in the way.

At the bellboy's tap, the door swung open and the liveried servant thrust a cardtray before the Angel.

At that the bellboy went away laughing very heartily, but Vi could not understand why.

Suppose Willie should get hold of that bellboy who was so insolent to us—the one we didn't dare rebuke and had to tip so heavily.

The bellboy or a maid could go on looking after their things, she said, and sent Billy over to see about it.

Mines only what the bellboy took in while we were at dinner and out in the evening, Winona explained.

Mr. Nichols asked gruffly as he and the girls followed a bellboy to the elevator.

Then, on the second afternoon the bellboy brought three yellow envelopes to their rooms.