Belled [verb]

Definition of Belled:

chime, clang

Synonyms of Belled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Belled:


Sentence/Example of Belled:

Squire Gathers regarded it a most untoward thing that the Belled Buzzard should have come just at this time.

But at this particular moment the Belled Buzzard was heading directly away from that quarter.

It came nearer and nearer, and the Belled Buzzard swung overhead not sixty feet up, its black bulk a fair target against the blue.

This episode of the attempt to kill the Belled Buzzard occurred in the afternoon of the third day.

Yes, suh; that there same old Belled Buzzard he's come back agin and is hangin' round.

In the pleasing excitement of the moment his companion took no heed, though, of anything except the Belled Buzzard.

There the thrush and the blackbird sang at morning and evening, and the owl cried at night, and the buck belled upon the Torr.

Hands belled before his mouth, he trumpeted ringingly abroad: "Let the war go on!"

The falcon is frequently (more often than not) found belled.

It had rained hard over night, and the Liddel was running dark, smooth, and foam-belled.