Bellhop [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Bellhop:

The bellhop gave us a knowing leer as we registered separately, but I was content to let him think what he wanted.

The cherubic scout had obeyed orders and made himself bellhop size, large size.

Now, I guess you could get a job as bellhop all right, though I dont know whether Joes strong enough to work yet.

Being a bellhop isnt just the job Id pick out for you, or any boy, if I had the choosing.

The cab drove off and Malone hailed the doorman, who equipped them with a robot bellhop and sent them upstairs to their rooms.

While here I was to telephone once or twice, also to call a bellhop and see him.

Thus girded, she consulted with her bellhop some more and laid out an itinerary.

The bellhop waved at them and they cawed at her and flew off.

The robot bellhop whirred, a chute opened in the wall, and a bottle slid out.

She stared gape-jawed at this until the bellhop gently tugged at her elbow, giving her a dazzling smile.